Homemade Butter+Recipe

Making butter is so easy! Makes for a fun kid experiment too :)

Me and my lil man made our own and this is how...

Ingredients needed:
(and later you may want some salt to flavor it)

Begin by pouring Heavy Whipping Cream into the jar, about 3/4ths the way full.

screw the lid on tight and then...........
And shake and shake and shake some more. You have to shake a long time to get it going!

Here's the 1st consistency: Whip Cream texture. 
If you add some sugar to this, you could use it on desserts to add some extra yumminess!

But..if you just keep on shaking....You get...butter!

You will see, there's liquid in with the butter clump. This is what they call "buttermilk" but it tastes nothing like the actual store bought buttermilk. So, carefully pour out the liquid into a cup. I put my hand over the top of the glass so the butter wouldn't come out, but just enough for the liquid to be able to.

You can drink the "buttermilk" if you like! I did and it was delicious. Tasted more like milk with whipping cream then anything and I thought it was tasty :)

Once you pour out the liquid, you can add your optional amount of salt...Then put the lid back on the jar and shake for a tiny bit more.

      And then you will have purely smooth.....
Spread your butter on some toast and enjoy! *Deliciousness*

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