Any Minute - Book Review

   I just finished reading the book "Any Minute" written by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford. The book is fiction, but about a woman named Sarah, who is always too busy, wrapped into her life at work. She is looked at as selfish, and only wanting to do what she feels right for herself. She lives a life of taking the best she can possibly get, even if that means hurting others around her. She neglects her family-her husband, her 8 year old son, and her baby girl- denying every possible being of neglect... she refuses to believe she is putting her job before them. She see's nothing wrong with her and the choices she makes, but can never figure out why she feels so alone and miserable. Time after time, she disappoints her son, by giving him meaningless promises and never following through...and always fighting with her husband, their relationship begins to fail.

    Sarah is assigned a breakfast meeting with very important clients, in which she is late to, by being stuck in traffic. The bridge she was on began to close off so it could open up to let the ship beneath, through, but Sarah thought she could make it before the bridge opened all the way...and the next thing she knows, she realizes she's in trouble. BIG trouble. In the bottom of an icy river, her chances on living are very slim.

    Sarah gets a second chance on life, to change and be the woman she was made to be. It's hard at first, for her to catch on, but eventually she begins understanding and realizes what she's suppose to do. Making a difference in others lives, and everything around her begins to become brighter...except her relationship with her husband. It took another life risking situation, this time with her 8 year old son, to get her to realize her and her husband have got to try be in love once again.

    I won't give the whole story away, in case you decide to read it-which I recommend you do, it is a really good book!-but it ends in a positively happy note and I am more then happy I read it. I will leave you with a great quote from the book, which I find to be something we all should remember.

"Any minute you might get the chance to make someone else happy. 
Any minute you might get your chance to be a giver. So be watchful at all things and don't let any opportunities to do good pass you by. "

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