Dr Seuss And Our Target Goodie Bag.

Dr Seuss is having a birthday on March 2nd! Always makes for a fun week of reading Dr Seuss books and having a party on his birthday.

A few days ago, on the 25th, we went to Target's book reading and got a great goodie bag filled with all kinds of love!

*An awesome Lorax book bag which held all the goodies
*Chickadee crackers
*Apple Juice Box (not pictured)
*Fruit snacks
*Target Napkin
*Laundry & Book Coupons
*Lorax Bookmark with wearable mustache :)
*A photo of Truffella trees for lil one to color each time a book is read
*And pictures to color & craft with!

Me and my lil man will be enjoying our Dr Seuss day by doing crafts and enjoying the fun!

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