Homemade Parsley Tea

I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and he was giving some tips on homemade anti aging recipes, one being for tired, aging eyes. His tip was to use parsley tea in the form of ice cubes to rub beneath your eyes to help stimulate them and reduce eye baggage and tiredness.

Me, being a young mom, and not getting enough sleep, 
I feel I am getting those tired age-ey eyes.. :/ So I wanted to give this a shot!

I searched the store for Parsley tea but never found any so I thought I'd make it myself. 
Seemed simple enough.

I began by buying fresh parsley at the grocery store. Washed it all up and cut the stems off. Placed the parsley on a cookie sheet and dried it out in the oven at 200 degrees. The timing differs per oven, but for my oven it took approximately 45-50 minutes. The smell of baking parsley was surprising to my nose... a slightly similar smell to stinky drain pipes so you will want some good ventilation lol. Once the parsley was all dried out, I put it into a sandwich baggy and sealed it up to start crunching it. Also to save it for later. But if you plan on storing parsley for a longer time, 
I would suggest keeping it in a glass container to keep it fresh.

I put about 3 spoons of the dried parsley into my tea infuser 
and poured in enough boiling water to cover to the top and I let it sit for the day.

Once it sat, I then poured the tea into my ice cube tray and let it freeze.


 I've tried the ice, once under my eyes so far...And it's cold! lol...
we'll see if it does anything. You're welcome to try this out, and if you do, 
please let me know how it works for ya! :)

You can also drink the tea warmed, with some lemon and honey added in. 
Parsley has a lot of other health benefits as well!


  1. why didn't you just use fresh parsley since it's more pungent

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