Freebie Weekend With My Mom

A couple weekends ago, me and my mom went shopping and had a day to ourselves. We went to The Children's Place Garden Party and got to eat cookies and drink lemonade, as well as take home stick on tattoos for the kids, and we received coupons also. I found an adorable pair of robot jammys there, for my son, and I got them half off so they came out to $5. 75! Then we went to the World Market store to explore and we got to taste some Irish relish, made with tomatoes, and also eat some white cheddar popcorn. Then we got to sample some coffee and tea; Texas Turtle coffee which was good and a creamy coconut tea which was very bland and had no taste of coconut. After that, they were doing wine tasting so I wanted to give it a shot. I've always wanted to attend a wine tasting so it was a fun experience. I tried 3 different kinds, and found out that I prefer sweeter wine then not. And the almond champagne was very good. My mom treated me to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Then we shopped around at some other stores and then to Big Lots. They were having some great deals! Big Lots always has great deals but these ones were roof blowing. They had a lot of food items discounted really low because they're expiration dates were nearing...I'm talking, items that were regularly $2-$5 only costing 10 cents to a dollar! I didn't splurge in the discounts because we really didn't need all the goodies but I did get a few things.

A box of Chips Ahoy Cookies, only 10 cents.
A package of Fudge Dipped Oreo's, only 25 cents.
Cheese Dipper Crackers, only 50 cents.
A Box of Poptarts, only 50 cents.
A white tank top for my son, 25 cents!
(ones below not pictured)
A Jones Rootbeer, 70 cents.
Fanta Soda, 25 cents.
Socks, 25 cents.
Cinnamon crackers, 10 cents.

I also used 2 of my SheSpeaks free coupons for Torani Syrup.

So a fun filled day and it only cost me less then $10!

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