Kids Ice Cream Maker Purchase/Review

We got a $10 Kohls Cash money that I let lil man pick out something for himself with. He picked an icecream maker that was on sale for $9.99, normally $40 somethin! So we got it home and tried it out... only to find it didn't really work like it should. The spinner took forever and the ice cream didn't freeze much. It made one big mess and only a tiny tiny amount of "ice cream" but it was still fun.

The ingredients said to mix milk, sugar, vanilla, salt, cream, and a flavor in containers & keep cool

Then you slowly pour the mix in and grind the machine..

See the mess it made?

Well after a LONG time, it made a little bit for lil man to enjoy..

And he really did enjoy...! WAY too many sprinkles lol.

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