St Patricks Day {2012}

This is a bit late of a post but I wanted to share my fast thinking St Patricks Day decor. Luckily I still had a lot of green stuff left over from my sons Ninja Turtle Party, back in June, so I used most of that.
I striped green streamers across the table, also hung some from the ceiling with shamrocks stuck to them. In the middle of the table is a planter my son painted for me. it was filled with chocolate gold pieces. Along with a quick rainbow I drew and some silly looking shamrocks I cut out.
My son wore an orange beard, I made from a doily and cotton balls, colored orange :) 
And I decorated our holiday tree.

I made my son a St. Patricks Day Sensory box activity to do, while I made dinner: 
Bratwurst Rubens..full of sauteed onions and sauerkraut!

I had some crafts planned like coloring a leprechaun picture, stringing Apple Jacks cereal for a necklace, and playing some games, but he didn't want to do any :/ Guess he's getting too old lol. 
Still a fun day though!

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