My Camera Carrier

  This post should have been written last year lol! Talk about needing to organize my life..haha.. So I have a Nikon D40 Camera my wonderful hubby bought me and I didn't get a camera carrier with it, because I didn't think I'd need one...But I never considered how I would pack my camera for traveling... So I realized, I actually DID need a camera carrier!!! One day, I was shopping around in Goodwill and came across this:

A Lowepro camera bag!! It's condition looked brand new so I checked the price.... $2.99!!!! I snagged that in a heartbeat :) And now I have me an amazing camera bag...
I can take my camera lens off and pack it like this:

 Or leave it all together and pack it like this:

It even has a front compartment for my Kodak Video Camera and a small zipper compartment to hold more SD Cards ...
I'm pretty happy about it :)

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