Farm Fresh Southern Cooking - Cookbook Review

Farm Fresh Southern Cooking written by Tammy Algood, is a great cookbook full of Southern recipes!

    I chose this recipe book to review because my husband is from the South and it seemed like a good idea for me to learn some new Southern recipes to prepare for him. Looking through the book, I found quite a few recipes I would like to try out. A few of them are the Golden Brown Goat Cheese Medallions, Coconut Corn Fritters and the savory zucchini pie. I do however wish their entrée/meat section had more recipes. My husband is a meat lover so that would have been nice :) 

   We also love smoothies so when we came across the Summer Fruit Watermelon Smoothie, we knew we had to make it!! It calls for Watermelon, crushed ice, lime juice and raspberry sherbet. We couldn’t find just ‘raspberry sherbet’ so we used berry patch sherbet which contained all berries. I think the smoothie would have been better if we used only a raspberry sherbet, but it was still pretty good.
  I love the photos in this book; I think they were used great, to show the beauty of the food, and allowing it to look original enough to make yourself, at home. I do wish each recipe had a photo of the food though. Because some pages, they have the recipe but no photo..and if it's your first time making it, a photo would be nice to go off of. 

   If you have a garden, this recipe book will give you new ideas of food, to bring to the table....Just as the book says “Straight From The garden To Your Dinner Table.” :) 
But going to the store to pick out your ingredients will work just as well.

 I received this book from in exchange for my review.

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