Earn points, Win Rewards, Join NCP!


Are you a member of the National Consumer Panel(NCP) yet? If not, you should be!! It's a place where you can get your opinion heard and earn pints while doing so!! And with those points, you can exchange them for cool products! Things like: Books, Electronics, Gift Certificates & Cards, and Home Furnishings; just to name a few.  It could be good help around Christmas time and Birthdays when you just don't have the money to buy presents...Or if you want to buy your spouse a special something or even pamper yourself! You could use the NCP points you earn, to do just that! ;)

   It's a great place and easy way to earn points. NCP sends you a scanner and each time you purchase items (being groceries, gas, appliances..whatever you buy!) You scan the items each time, then transmit the scanner one day a week! As well as having the chance to answer surveys and participate in other panel subjects. 

  If this sounds like something that interests you, go HERE and sign up! :)

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