International Delight Iced Coffee Review!

I was excited to try out the new International Delight Iced Coffee, from Vocalpoint-as I do not own a coffee pot or drink coffee very when I want a little bit of coffee here or there, this works perfect! Especially in the warm seasons...Iced Coffee is much more preferred then warmed. Buying the pre-made iced coffee is so much easier too because you don't have to be the creamer, coffee, and coffee pot all separately. The iced coffee comes in 3 different flavors: Original, Mocha and Vanilla and is made with a blend of 100% Arabica premium coffee, real milk and cream.

   I tried out the vanilla flavor. It has a rich flavor, not too sweet and not too strong. It's a nice taste. Would make a delicious milkshake or frappe! I like the idea of pouring some in an ice cube tray to freeze and use as ice for future coffees, so if you want to have iced coffee another day, you can just use these as your ice and it won't water down your original coffee flavor!Also great for people on the go.

Thank you's to Vocalpoint for making this post happen. For providing me a $2 off coupon to use in purchasing this drink.


  1. Where did you get the cute cpon booklet? My local Jewel (Chicago) has 2 for 6..or 3 dollars each..wish I had a dollar cpon..then 2 dollars for a half gallon..

    think I will try the Vanilla

    Thank you for the review..

    1. I received the coupons through Vocalpoint :) Thanks for stopping by!


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