I Won! A Hank Player T-Shirt!

   I won a Giveaway over at Frugal And Fun Mom for a Hank Player T-Shirt for my lil man. I love the fabric, feels so soft and fits him great. I didn't get to pick the style of shirt, which was kind of a bummer because I know my son would have loved Skeletal Dinosaur so much...but it's ok cuz the one we got is cool too! Hank Player USA has so many cool shirts. I'm happy we won this contest because my son can always use new shirts! :) Especially ones so comfy. The first day he wore it, he got a compliment from a guy! lol...saying how cool his shirt is because it has a dirt bike on it ;) And it came at a GREAT time! Right around lil man's birthday day, which was on June 9th! He turned 5.

Here is my boy (sitting on his knees) wearing the awesome shirt we won :)

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