I Won! Scrubbing Bubbles. Review Too!

   I won a contest through Twitter, with Scrubbing Bubbles, and was mailed 2 Scrubbing Bubble products: The One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and the Color Power Technology Spray Cleaner.

I already know I love Scrubbing Bubbles spray cleaner so I was happy to receive the new color changing formula. It literally comes out blue and changes to white in seconds, ready to be wiped up!  I have never tried the new One Step toilet bowl cleaner so it has been fun trying out! You begin by hooking the contraption to your toilet...

And it should fit into the rim of your toilet like so --->

You then put the refill container into the device and apply the cover

And push your foot lightly on the pedal and wallah! The cleaner sprays out in a 360 degree circle and cleans up the toilet rings and limescale!

I was a little hesitant with the sprayer nozzle sitting inside the toilet in fear of someone pooping on it haha, so here is how it looks when the lid is down, and so far, it hasn't been aimed on! ;) 

{kitty thinks it's her new toy}

Thanks Scrubbing Bubbles, for choosing me as a winner and providing me with these amazing bathroom cleaners!

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