Kitten Update!

   A few weeks back, I posted about the kitten we got, in hopes it was a boy in which we named 
Mr. Bumpus. Well our kitty is now 9 weeks old! And not a male... The vet confirmed that it still did not have balls it is indeed a girl kitty. She got fixed yesterday! Amazing how soon they can do that now! 
We were a little bummed to find out or kitty is a girl because we all really wanted a male kitten....
but we still love her anyways :)

And since the kitty is a SHE....her name is Eva. :) From Wall-E :)
We figure they're about the same coloring hehe and the name fits her great.
                                                                                                                                                  Wall-E Eve Photo source         

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  1. She is a cutie. Don't blame you for getting her fixed.


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