Kiara The Brave Movie Review

Kiara The Brave-living in the land of Dreamzone. A place that is peaceful and magical, a kingdom ruled by King Maximus who is Princess Kiara's father.

Kiara the Brave will find she needs to use her courage, as Dreadmis, who is King Maximus' evil brother, is trying to destroy Dreamzone and take over the throne as king. Dreadmis is very dark and eery, which is where the scary scenes come in. For instance, in the beginning, two little dragon creatures were making a potion, a scary Dracula face comes out into the air. The evil sided characters are a bit gruesome. Dreadmis makes up a formula to make a boy, who begins as a baby, named Super Kloud, who he wants to help over rule the thrown. Dreadmis finds that Super Kloud wasn't good enough and wanted him destroyed. The two lizards decided to keep the baby and he grows into a boy who is a good person. This boy becomes best friends with Kiara and helps her save King Maximus, who was captured and imprisoned. Kiara is determined to bring her father to throne safely, and restore the harmony back to Dreamzone.

  I found this movie to be...interesting... Not quite one I would purchase myself, but I know there are some children or parents that might enjoy this style of film. I do not recommend it for children under 5, as it does have some scary scenes and images. In the first half of the movie, I felt it was here and there, not piecing together as well as it could have. It kind of reminded me of a children's version of the Greek Mythology Gods. It did have some humor though! :)

This film includes a slide show, trailer and a downloadable activity kit. It is rated PG and runs about 80 minutes long.

You can find Kiara The Brave at most Red Box locations, Target, Walmart, and

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