Mabel's Labels Back to School Review
School is coming up soon! Do you ever worry about your children losing their special items 
to the lost and found, and never seeing them again?

 Mabel's Labels has a fantastic fix for this. Add labels to their belongings, with your child's name on them! They've been having an early bird back to school special going on that will be ending July 31st. You can choose all kinds of labels from their site and stick them on just about anything! They even come in waterproof.  Baby bottles, shoes, lunch boxes, clothing...So many things to label!  They even have labels you can iron on into your children's clothing! They are a great idea for labeling lunchboxes with the child's allergy printed on can even use them for labeling electronics. Or if your child will be going to camp, label all their belongings so they don't get mixed up with the other children's stuff! Labeling is a great idea to keep those precious items in your life  :)

Below is the Back to School labeling pack which includes 40 Skinny-Minis which are dishwasher & microwave safe, 50 Tag Mates which are washer & dryer safe, 16 Shoe Labels which are waterproof and UV resistant, and 2 Teeny key chain Tags.

I know with my son starting Kindergarten this coming September {that's just over a month away! ah!} 
I will be going label crazy. I already started working on his shoes :)

                                                           (Name fuzzed out for safety purpose)

The "Write Away!" Mabel's Labels are found at Walmart in Canadian locations and are working on getting labels sold in US stores. In the meantime, you can purchase them on their website at Make sure you check them on Facebook and Twitter too!

This post is made possible by Mabel's Labels and Global Influence, in providing me a Back to School label pack in exchange for my honest review. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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