Freddy Frogface Movie Review

Freddy Frogface is another animated children's film based on the story of a 10 year old boy and his friends who are facing the world, growing older, and dealing with a mean, town bully, named Freddy.

A circus comes to the small town where the kids live and excites a boy named Victor, who wants to perform in the talent show with his dog Sausage, who can do great tricks! Freddy finds out and decides he wants to take over and do the act himself! He does the unthinkable, stealing poor Sausage, and tries to, dangerously win, the talent show.

Freddy Frogface is another movie my son has added to his collection :) He finds this movie so hilarious and entertaining. I enjoyed the animation style of this film and found some humor to it. Definitely seems to be more of a boy movie though :) My favorite part was when Freddy, of course being the bully he is, stole Victor's frog and tried lying about it. Freddy was getting caught in the act of bullying and ended up accidentally putting the frog in his mouth! When he was asked to tell the truth, he continued to mumble his lie, as the frog was trying to jump its way out of the mouth. Eventually the frog jumped out and everyone gave him the name "Freddy Frogface"....hence the title of the movie :)

There are some questionable parts in this I really did not care for was when Freddy captured Sausage, Victor's pet dog. He put him in a bag and the puppy was yelping and squirming. It was a sad image to see and I feel the movie didn't really teach the children to not bully others, as I had hoped it would. Also on the cover, it says "Heroes come in all sizes!" which made me think the film would be about Victor saving the day. To me, it seems more that the film is about the conflicts between Freddy & the children.

Freddy Frogface is a rated PG, for language, mild bullying, and rude humor. It runs about 85 minutes long. And includes a downloadable activity kit, trailer, and the making of Freddy Frogface.

You can find Freddy Frogface at most Red Box locations, Target, Walmart, and

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