Smitty Movie Review

Smitty, starring Peter Fonda, Mira Sorvino and Louis Gossett Jr., is a very heart felt movie for the family to see together.

 It is about a single mom who is raising her 13 year old son alone. He is quite the handful, upset with his life, moving from place to place, getting into trouble. He pulled one last straw and ended up in court with the judge giving the option of spending 3 years in Juvenile Detention or 3 months with his grandfather he has never met. This decision was hard on the mom as well, because she hadn't seen her father in over 13 years, causing a lot of tension and bad background between the two. The boy unhappily ended up choosing to stay the Summer with his grandfather, who lives in Iowa on a farm. He was very mouthy and disrespectful but sure enough, the grandfather put him in line.  After some bickering and rebellion from the boy, things finally started looking up for him, including a better behavior. Developing relationships with each other, the pet dog, and a town friend, the boy was learning some long needed lessons and responsibility.

I do not want to give the whole movie away but I really enjoyed watching this. There were the ups and downs of drama, great lessons, and some sad parts :( Smitty made me want to own a pet dog even more lol... Great movie overall, except I would have been happier if the sad parts were left out, but that's the drama for ya ;) I recommend everyone to watch this. Maybe not the littler kids though. But it is a great film!

Smitty runs about 94 minutes long as is rated PG for mild thematic material and some language. It includes a piece on the making of Smitty and the movies official trailer.

You can find Smitty at most Red Box locations, Target, Walmart, and

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  1. No mention of the lead character actor in this film's review here, so allow me..... Brandon Tyler Russell is wonderful as 'Ben', the troublesome boy, who goes to Grandpa's (Peter Fonda) for the summer. His heartfelt performance is excellent and his repoire with 'Smitty' (the dog) is as if they were lifelong friends and companions. Brandon is a young talent to be watched for. He's been around a long time and done a lot of other things and I, personally, am just waiting for his breakout role to come along. He is THAT good!


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