Always Infinty Pad Review

   Always Infinity Pad's are overnight pads with a super absorbent protection to keep you dry all night. It has two layers of foam; the top layer absorbs fast and the bottom layer stores and distributes throughout. In the middle are tiny holes that work like tunnels and channel fluid to the back of the pad, away from you. The bottom of the pad has form fitting grooves that trap fluid and help stop leaks no matter what you're doing! And the wings on the side not only hold the pad in place, but help holding leaks as well.

   I found these pads to be extremely gigantic! Making them rather awkward and uncomfortable. 
I had to measure the size of them and compare them with my usual Stayfree Regular With Wings pads just to show how big they really are lol. They're a whopping 12 inches. That's 4 inches larger then my usual' you can see where the discomfort comes from ;) I do like that they are so thin, if the size was right, you'd barely even notice it there!

I've heard some great stories of these pads, they work well for some and not for others. 
It's all in the persons preference really.

You can check out Always' website HERE for occasional free samples.

This post is made possible by SheSpeaks for providing me with the pads to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. You write that these are bigger than your "usual" but you fail to mention what your usual pads are? Knowing your "usual" would certainly help one comparatively, especially with the thickness level. Thanks ;)

    1. Thank you for pointing that out to me :) I updated with the brand I use.


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