Organix Shampoo Savings

About a week or two ago, Walgreens was having a really great sale on Organix Shampoo and conditioner! My hair lives for this stuff. It can't stand anything other then Organix, because it begins falling out if I use anything other then it!! So I was pleased to see the "buy one get one free" sale going on. I took advantage of it and got myself 4 bottles of the shampoo...and a box of Puffs tissues which were also on sale, for .99 , for the Summer cold we all seemed to catch :) All this came out to $14.97 ~Wish I could say I spent less because it doesn't seem like a whole lot for the price and amount of things I purchased, but a bottle of Organix is $6.99 alone. Pretty spendy compared to the .99 White Rain I used as a teenager lol. But once I got older, seems my hormones changed and hair loss set in...Until I found the wonderful Organix Coconut milk shampoo!! Just love it.  So I saved a total of $14.48, pretty much a 50% savings! :) I'm pleased with that.

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