Sweet Potato Bible Verse

  So we purchased a bag of frozen sweet potato fries from Dollar Tree and I was really shocked to find a Bible verse on the back of the bag!! So awesome!

TJ Farms Select: Sweet Potato Crinkles fries (haven't tried them yet to know if they're good) But the verse on the back says:

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall." Psalm 55:22

What a great verse for me to read, in these times I've been facing of a lot of stress and worry. A nice little reminder that God has my back and things will be fine, if I just give my worry to Him :)


  1. I was reading your article and wondered if you had considered creating an ebook on this subject. Your writing would sell it fast. You have a lot of writing talent.
    Bible Verses on Being Anxious Over Nothing

  2. I also bought a bag of this brand potatoes, hash browns in my case, and I also was surprised to see the Bible verse. No less surising to me is the stark difference in our reactions to it. When I googled the tj farms Bible verse, this blog arose first in the search results. I found the Bible verse to be incredibly insensitive.

    You say: "A nice little reminder that God has my back."

    You must be aware of the Holocaust, did god have Anne Frank's back? It must be nice to be able to enjoy feeling god has your back while enjoying your sweet potatoes as 3 million children will die of starvation this year and another 100,000 will die of cancer, many of whom will be prayed for by grieving parents whose backs will not be had by god. I'd be interested to know how it is that god loves you so much more than all those suffering children and their parents.

  3. Sin and the resulting sickness and suffering is caused by man, not by God. God told man to care for the earth and have dominion over it (Genesis 1:28). If man would have cared for the earth and provided for other people, there wouldn't be any starvation. Jesus invites all men to himself, for forgiveness of sins, paradise restored in relationship with the living God.


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