Super Yummy Almond Joy Wannabe's

   I came across this mouth watering recipe at Vanilla Sugar Blog for her "coconut truffles" and knew I had to make them. I LOVE the Almond Joy candy bars, and these sounded so similar so I gave it a shot!

Mix 3.5 ounces of coconut flakes with 4. ounces of sweetened condensed milk and a pinch of salt.

While mixing, I had my almonds roasting.

  And chocolate melting...

Once coconut mixture was all mixed together, I put mix in the freezer to help with the stickiness. Roll into the shape you want-and I put the almond or two on top, and dipped into the melted chocolate!!

I had a hard time keeping the balls together when they were dipped which Is why, towards the end..I just ended up dumping all the melted chocolate and almonds into my coconut mixture and rolling them into balls this way. Not as pretty but sooo very tasty!

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