Rock Stars Movie Review

Rock Stars is another animated children's film about a town of earthworms who feel low, as they are on the bottom of the food change.

The main character, Barry, is always nagged on by his mother, for him to work with a company all the worms go to when they finish school, but Barry wants better then that. His world changes, when he comes across his fathers old disco record. Barry finds himself enjoying the beat of the music and wanting to be a part of it. He decides to make a band, all while hiding it from his mother. He gathers a pack of friends-and the girl he likes, to form his band...though they have no arms and no rhythm, they can boogie on down and bring the town back up.

I found this movie to be great! It was humorous and entertainable. My son loved it as well. There was a couple parts that shouldn't have been in it, being a kid the worm says "What the hell is going on??" I would rather their be no cussing in this film, but I believe that was the only time. And then the kissing scene between the mother and father worm's, Barry's parents, was pretty intimate for kids to see lol. They could have left that out. But other then those two issues, I found the movie to be enjoyable!

Rock Stars runs about 78 minutes and is rated PG. it includes a trailer and a slide show.

You can find it at most Red Box locations, Target, Walmart, and

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