Yummy Frozen Treat Giveaway!!!!-Ended

 One2One Network is hosting a fun and totally yummy 
Frozen Treat Giveaway!!!!!

Visit their Facebook page and share your favorite memory of frozen treats, 
to enter to win delicious ice creams such as:

And a Grand Prize Winner wins frozen treats for a whole year!!

You can enter once, every day from September 5th to the 19th!!

So go on over to enter at a chance to win some delicious yummy ice creams!!! YUM!

 Feel free to leave your memorable frozen treat moment in the comments below, as well. I would LOVE to hear your stories!!! I will share one of mine :)

Every Summer, every day was spent with my best-est friend. We would spend time at each others houses, playing outside, building forts in the bushes, running through the sprinkler, playing Barbies, and doing everything fun imaginable. Most of our days would be spent outside and nearly every day, the Ice Cream Truck would drive by. We would hear the ice cream song play, miles away, from the backyard...As we heard it we would run inside the house begging for some money to get us a special treat. Usually we could persuade one of our parents into handing over the money ;) We would run to the corner of the road and wait on the ice cream truck. We talked about what kinds we like and hope they have...and once the ice cream truck arrived, we would always get the usual. A pink bubble gum baseball mitt. The one with the bubble gum baseball right in the center of the mitt. We devoured this thing in no time and it always left us sticky, pink, and a total mess...but it was always so much fun!

This post is made possible by One2One Network. In sharing this info with you, I will be entered into a separate contest for gift card and coupon winnings. Aside from that, this is just a fun informational post because ice cream is fun information!!!  =)

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