To Heaven And Back - Book Review

 To Heaven And Back is a true story, written by Mary C. Neal, MD. A story of her death; while she was on a kayaking trip, an accident occurred causing her boat to lose control and down a waterfall she went...causing her to be pinned to the bottom, completely submerged in the water, and drowned.

She explains going to Heaven during her time at the bottom of the waterfall. Feeling comfort and peace, and feeling it was her time. But God had other plans and felt she still needed to be on Earth. Many people still needed her.

She faced a lot of sad times. But a lot of uplifting moments too. She said in the past she had been skeptical about God and the things He can do. Until she was faced with her near death experience. I love her analogy in chapter 5. Talking about God being our driver. She explained that she wanted God to be present, but still wanted to do the things she wanted to do, and not let Him fully take over. She wrote "Thankfully God is patient and faithful. He sits in the backseat just waiting for our invitation to move up to the front so that He can steer and press the pedals. If we give Him the car keys, He will take us on an unbelievable ride." I absolutely love this. I've been in the same situation, of putting God in the backseat..not letting Him take control over the things He should be control in.  This is a great reminder that God will take care of us if we just let Him.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King Jr

I was shocked and amazed at all the things the author went through after she came back from her accident. The loss of many friends and family. But the amazing outcomes of them all. Mary C. Neal strikes me as a very strong women. A definite miracle. I truly enjoyed reading her story. I do wish she was more elaborate on the visions of Heaven. But I can understand it is probably hard to even begin to explain the experience. I loved the visualizations of the Earthly things she saw and put into words. It was almost as I was right there seeing it for myself. Blossoms appearing on trees and on their land. Amazing experiences!

This is a must read for everyone. Great book. There were some sad parts that left me feeling sad myself, but it's real life. And it only helped me is short. 
Be grateful every day, for a new day you receive.

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