Our Weekend Getaway + Photos

  A bit of an update! As I've been extremely behind in my blogging again :)

So my lil man started Kindergarten last week!!!! I can't believe my baby grew up so fast. I felt so much anxiety weeks before, worrying about how he would do in Kindergarten..away from me...since he has always been around me. I taught him preschool! So Kindergarten was a HUGE change. So me and the hubby decided he should have a mini vacation of his own before school started..also to help with the time away-to come-with school n all. So lil man got to spend the weekend at his grandmas! He enjoyed it. Picked berries, snapped peas and beans, went garage selling, bought a cool play dough cake maker, got McDonald's, and went to see Madagascar 3 in theaters! And that was just the main things. lol he had some fun time in and even wanted to stay an extra day (or 9 as he said haha) so that made me feel a lot better, realizing how well he can do away from his mama. Me and the hubbs had a great time too! The first day, I had it all to myself to do whatever I wanted because hubby had a thing to go to. 
But day 2, we traveled for the day, went to some nice restaurants, I got my hair done, 
and had fun! Our home time was nice too. We had some drinks and played
 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the Xbox. It was so much fun.

Here's some photos of our travels ;)

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