2 New Drink Reviews!

On Thai tea and an Aloe Vera Drink! Both yummy!

First, The Aloe Vera, Apple flavour drink. It contain Aloe Vera cubes! And taste a lot like apple juice. This was amazing. I've never had aloe vera like that so it was interesting. A jello-ey texture but really good! Towards the end of the bottle, it got a bit sweet, and syrup, which was most likely because it was super hot that day, driving 2 hours in our car-where the air conditioner just so decided to give out on us lol.

 The Thai tea, I'd say, is probably one of my new favorite drinks. I have always loved Thai tea, since the first time I had it. My friend took me out to a Thai restaurant years ago and ordered me a Thai Tea because she claimed them to be sooo good, I just had to try. I loved it! It had a creamy mix in that, when you stir, it would swirl into your tea and taste soo good. Since then, I have been trying to find one like that or similar and had no luck until I came across this. A Thai Tea Latte. We found it at the Asian Food store in Portland. I also love the lid! "Happiness in a Bottle" It indeed is for me :)

But there you have it. Two delicious new drinks. Both great; on the opposite end of the spectrum but great! Between the two, the Thai tea is my #1 =)

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