Homemade Tropical Soft Serve

This post is overdue...Awhile back it was 87 degrees out and me and my lil man got back from a walk to the Library. I wanted something cool and ice creamy, so I decided to attempt a new way of homemade ice cream. And it's healthy too!

For the Ingredients:

2 Bananas (frozen)
A cup of Mango slices (frozen)
Tropical Juice (maybe 1/4 of a cup)
A small amount of Strawberry Yogurt
About a Tsp of Vanilla
And a Dash of Salt (only added because it was too sweet before)

I blended all of this up in my Ninja blender (the texture should come out much like soft serve ice cream) and poured it into a Tupperware container-with lid, to freeze for about 20 minutes. Don't overdue the freezer time though, because it will become too hard to scoop!

Came out tasting delicious and tropical :)

I topped it with a dash of cinnamon and some silvery sprinkles for added fun! 

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