Tail Towns Friends Game Review

Tail Towns Friends is a fun new Facebook game where you play with cute little animals. It "combines fun social Facebook gameplay with the timeless charm and unparalleled beauty of the world of Tail Towns."

Tail Towns is brought to you by the same makers who did Webkinz, but this one is for adults! It offers drama and soap opera like, stories to keep you interested. It reminds me of a mix between Sims and other fun Facebook games out there. You get goals you have to follow, planting and growing the crops, meeting with new people, ect. It appears to be a pretty easy game. You use acorns as money, how cute is that?

I like the scenes and cutesie-ness of the game. And them talking about what they will be using the crops or items needed, for. For instance, they all wanted apples to make apple pie. Thinking about about apple pie just makes you feel good inside :)  

 I also enjoy that I can build my own landscape. It's like a virtual garden I can tend to, since I can't have a real life garden at the moment, living in an apartment! 

Tail Towns Friends even have their own custom designed, collectable, painted figurines you can purchase, to bring real life into your game. You can then register your figurine and collect rewards and exclusive items, in your game! As most games, it can become addicting I'm sure! I enjoyed playing it, but did find it freezing on me at times because of so many people playing right now.  It is indeed cute though and I'm sure I will find myself playing again in the future :)

Feel free to check it out!! Click HERE

I learned about the game, Tail Towns Friends, through Child's Play Communications
and in exchange for my review, I will receive my very own character figurine! :)

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