The Penny - Book Review

The Penny is a co-authored Novel, written by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford.

Such an emotional read; a story of a family's hardship of an abusive father and husband. A man who has such tight reigns on his family, he belittles all he can, as his cover for his own past pains. He feels he "owns" his daughters and thinks he has every right to ruining their lives. They live in a home where they walk on egg shells and have so much fear...a house of tension and scarceness. The Penny is filled with several characters, with the focus for the main one being Jenny: the younger of the two daughters. Growing up being beaten and abused. Believing she will never amount to anything or be wanted by anyone. Until one day, she comes across a penny. The penny that changes her entire life. Throughout the book, Jenny learns to seek God for her pains and reaches for Him to comfort her. She finds that God provides her the strength to overcome things she never thought she could.

I found this book hard to put down which is why I started and finished all in one day!! lol. It kept me intrigued for what was next to come. It had some gut wrenching emotions tied in, and made me feel for the characters situations. But I loved the domino effect the penny had on life situations, and if you're curious what those situations were, you'll just have to read the book!! :)

You can purchase it for only $5.50 on Amazon right now!

So thankful to my public library for having the available books for me to check out!

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