Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Spooky Halloween Punch

I followed the Kool-Aid Punch recipe from Kraft's website which you can find HERE.

To start, you need 3/4 cup of Kool-Aid Sugar sweetened drink mix (mine was Tropical Punch flavor) and add 6 cups of hot water to it-to dissolve. After it's all mixed together and the sugars are dissolved, you add in 1 cup of orange juice and one cup of 7up or similar.  Mix well and refrigerate! Use for party or when it's cool. I felt that I needed to add a bit more 7up to counteract the sweetness from the Kool-Aid. Do as needed. I made the punch the night before my Halloween party so it had plenty of time to cool.

To make the spooky hand in the punch bowl, I took some of the just made punch, added food coloring to change it from the red color to a darker purpley color and poured it into a plastic glove. (pre-rinsed) I hung it from the shelf in my freezer, using a wooden clip. And let it freeze until the party. Right after I poured the punch, I grabbed the frozen glove/hand from the freezer and cut the top knot, to begin pulling the glove off. This part was trickier then expected which caused me to break part of a few fingers :( But it still turned out pretty good! And the punch was tasty!

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