DIY Spooky Halloween Punch

   Are you looking for a Spooky drink for Halloween? The Kool-Aid Punch recipe with a scary hand inside will be perfect to spook your guests!
 To begin, you need 3/4 cup of a Kool-Aid drink mix (mine was Tropical Punch flavor) and add 6 cups of hot water to it-to dissolve. After it's all mixed together and the sugars are dissolved, you add in 1 cup of orange juice and one cup of 7up or similar.  Mix well and refrigerate! I found that I needed to add a bit more 7up to counteract the sweetness from the Kool-Aid so do as needed. I made the punch the night before my Halloween party so it had plenty of time to cool.

   To make the spooky hand in the punch bowl, I took some of the pre made punch, added food coloring to change it from the red color to a darker purple color and poured it into a plastic glove. (pre-rinsed) I hung it from the shelf in my freezer, using a wooden clothes pin, and let it freeze until the party. Right after I poured the punch, I grabbed the frozen hand from the freezer and cut the top knot, to begin pulling the glove off. This part was trickier than expected which caused me to break part of a few fingers (oops!) But it still turned out pretty good! And the punch was tasty!

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