Guess The Monster Parts DIY Halloween Game

    Guess The Monster Parts in a box is one of the Halloween Games we played at our Halloween Party!
    It's super simple to make and the kids have a lot of fun feeling the parts and trying to guess what it is they are feeling!

   To begin, I had a good size box (the one I receive my House Party supplies in!) and I painted it a neon green and glued eyeballs all over. I came up with different textured foods to use and went to work.

I blanched grapes and boiled long noodles. 
Baked Cucumber slices and made homemade Gak. 
And grabbed some dried out carrots I had been waiting to use. 
 The kids reaching their hands in to feel the grossness :) 
Check out my party post to see their facial reactions!!

At the end of everyone feeling and guessing, 
I lifted the lid of the box and let them see inside, to see what they were feeling :)

It was gross and fun all in one!

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