Happiness in Photos

My husband has a habit of taking his belt off an leaving it on the bathroom shelf. (at least it's curled nicely right??) And our son took notice of this and decided he wanted to do the same thing!! lol. This photo makes me smile, seeing my son look so much up to his daddy :)
The sunset shines through my son's window and reflects all over the walls. (Photos don't do it justice!) 
But I just love it! And my son yells "mama my room is golden!!"

Last year when it was snowing, me and my lil man went for a walk. 
I let him take his camera with him to take photos of whatever he wanted. (He was 4 at the time) 
Here is one of the pictures he shot. So pretty.

And last but not least, My birthday is this Saturday, October 6th, and my son decided he wanted to make me a bunch of presents. So he took some Christmas wrapping paper and has been wrapping like crazy over the course of 3 days, preparing his "homemade" gifts for me. I've counted 7 so far, all sitting in a pile on the counter, patiently awaiting me to open them.

One in particular, he couldn't wait to have me open.
 A Halloween pencil! :) Silly boy. So sweet.

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