Smoothies By Hand

So our Ninja blender that we had for just about a year, finally broke on us. We're the kind of family who loves our fruit smoothies and we have one at least 3 times a week. So the motor on it burnt out.

( Site photo. Our was in grey)

I was craving a smoothie really bad, most likely just because I couldn't have one since our blender was gone. So I attempted to make a "hand mixer smoothie" lol. I don't recommend this. It wasn't very fun, And it used 3x as many dishes and makes an even bigger mess.

They came out chunkier then I like and not as tasty as blender smoothies.  
These below are an Avocado Banana smoothie. 

So in place of our old Ninja, We got the newer professional one:
Site photo.
And so far, it works wonderful!!

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