Choco Chipster Crunch'Ola Review

Last month I received a coupon to get a Free product from Plum Kids so this month I used it and got Choco Chipster Crunch'Ola Bites! These are pretty fun. 
I wish all the granola cluster clumps were stuck together like suppose to be though. 
A lot of the packages seem as if they were squished because there were more crumbs then anything! But overall they have a great flavor and are fun to munch on. 
Not too crunchy texture either. 
They are organic and made with 100% whole grains.

Crunch'Ola's also come in Apple & Peanut butter Pretzel flavors too.

I was not required to write a review for Plum Organics, but since they were so kind in providing me a free coupon,
 I wanted to let them know what I thought in return:)

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