Holistic Select Cat Food Sample review

  After I brought in the mail, I opened up a package I received, which contained a sample for Holistic Select Cat Food (and dog food I will be giving to my mom's doggies).

I left the sample on the table while I opened other mail, and left-forgetting about it, as I went on into the kitchen to make dinner. I kept hearing my cat running and jumping, and went to see, and found that my she was getting up on the table and my son kept getting her down. She knows she is not aloud on the table, so I couldn't figure out why she continued to do so, until I saw I had left the kitty food sample on the table!! She knew it was for her :) She kept sniffing the baggy and nudging it with her nose. I said to her "Oh you know this is for you!" [don't we all talk to our pets?? :) ] and told her to come with me as I went to get her kitty bowl. She followed me into the kitchen, watching my every move, waiting for me to give her the goods. As soon as I put the bowl down she did her little tail in the air/purr mode she does when she gets food-I always think it's her way of saying thank you :) And she munched on it right away.

You could definitely tell she loved this new food treat :) She ate her fill, which was about half of the bowl, and sometime during the night she ate the rest. In the morning, I could tell she was asking for more, when she sniffed her empty bowl (that previously had Holisitc Select in it) that sat next to her usual food, that was filled to the top :)

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