My Rice Krispie Halloween House Party!!

I was so pleased to be accepted in to the House Party's Rice Krispie Party! I spent a good amount of time planning and thinking of fun things...and then realized, my apartment was just too small to hold this kind of party, so my mom let me use her home to hold it in!
My cat helping out ;)

We began the night before, me and my son made a ton and I mean a TON of Rice Krispie treats. House Party provided us with 4 boxes of cereal-we used 3 of the boxes and made about 5 trays of treats. The provided Rice Krispie bowl scrapers worked really well to cut square treats! I cut shapes of Ghosts, Pumpkins, Frankenstein Heads, and people shapes-to make their own Dracula, Zombie, Mummie, ect.

 Other fun foods we had were a Pumpkin veggie platter, cute little sandwiches, and Cheese balls.

When the kids arrived, (all decked out in their costumes) I had them decorate their cups with stickers and write their names on them. I poured them some Spooky Halloween Punch and gave them a fun pumpkin straw. Then we started on decorating the Rice Krispie treats. I provided orange frosting and chocolate frosting, gummy worms, gum drops, mini M&M's, and a ton of different sprinkles. Each kid made their own "contest treat" and the adults judged them at the end. (While judging, the kids munched on the other foods.) I used the Rice Krispie "Best of" award certificates for each treat to be a winner, All in different categories; For example: most hilarious, most creepy, ect. And each kid got to pick one of each prize, from the prize bowl. Which included: stickers, Halloween rings, fake Dracula teeth, glow bracelets, and glow in the dark lizards. And they got to take their winning treat home with them.

 After this, we played "Guess The Monster Parts" where I had a box with separate containers of gross feeling foods inside and the kids took turns feeling each one, then had to guess which part of the monster they thought it was. Blanched grapes were eyeballs, homemade Gak was snot, carrots were bones, cooked pasta was intestines, and baked cucumber slices were ears.
This game was full of laughter and many "Ew!!"s  haha. Check out some of the reactions of the kids below haha you gotta admit it's so much funnier when they're edited! :)
Then the kids did a coloring contest where they had to color their pumpkin and draw a face on it, all while their eyes were closed!! or at least not looking at the paper ;)
The winner of this won a box of Rice Krispies cereal =)

 We all had a lot of fun at our Halloween party!
   I think it turned out really great!!

*Thank you House party for providing me with cereal, bowl scrapers, and a chef hat, to get this party started!  

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