The Story of Tide in My Clothes

Living in an apartment, some strange things happen. Yelling neighbors, cigarette smoke stench drifting through your window, loud drum sets at almost 9 o'clock at night.... but the day I decided to do laundry, nothing weird was expected. I assumed nothing but the usual...a short walk through the parking lot to get to the laundry room and do my usual two loads of laundry for the week. Everything was going just fine until I came back to get my clothes from the washing machine to put in the drawer. I opened the washer and guess what I see??? A big bottle of Tide Laundry detergent!!! Just sitting inside the washing machine, on top of my washed load! Now this wasn't my laundry soap...I had Arm & Hammer at the time (it was on sale $5.99 and buy 1 get one free!) The Tide bottle was slightly mashed like it had been washed in my load, with my clothes. Really wish I took a picture of it actually inside the wash, but I was so flabbergasted at finding this when I opened the washing machine lid, it never crossed my mind until after I pulled all my clothes out. But what is so odd is, I checked the washing machine before I put my clothes in and it was empty!!! So I'm really not sure where this bottle of soap came from or even how it got in there, but it was such a weird thing. And to top it off, there was still a lot of soap in it. It was at least half way full!

Weird things happen when you have to share living with others. Reasons like these make me so anxious for when we own a home!

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