Soothe the Throat With Pine Bros Throat Drops

First off, a bit of History on the Pine Bros Throat Drops:

Back in 1870,  a German confectionery maker named Herman Pine, and his brother, sold a batch of "Pine Brothers Glycerine Tablets"  in hopes of helping relieve sore throats by using natural qualities of glycerin and gum acacia. When they started making the throat drops, they didn't expect to make a lot of money from it but they knew they would bring happiness to those who needed comfort for their throats. They became one of the most successful and unique throat lozenge makers in the world. The recipe hasn't changed in the last 140 years either!

In 1930 the Pine Brothers sold their products to the Life Savers company, where it became a favorite for everyone. They hit they highest peak of popularity in the 1970's, then they began to dwindle down and become under appreciated.  Until recently, the creator and former owner of Airborne took over and has made changes and redesigned the packaging, creating it to be loved by people again!

I was pleased to be able to try Pine Bros Throat Drops, at such a perfect time of getting over a cold. I received 2 flavors: Natural Honey and Wild Cherry.

The Natural Honey has a very light flavor of honey. It seemed to help my throat feel less phlegmey too which was nice, when having a lot of nasal drainage happen.

The Wild Cherry has a similar flavor to my childhood favorite Luden's wild cherry cough drops, which was nice! But not as much flavor to taste like candies. You can definitely feel the naturalness in these throat drops which is good for most people ;)

I am not too fond of the gummyness, these throat drops contain. When you first pop one into your mouth, it's hard like a cough drop with a slight gummyness. But the more you suck on it, the gummyness changes. It's not like a gummy worm or bear...nothing you can chew on like a gummy snack. Which makes it so odd for me. I feel the want to chew on it like its a gummy snack, but at the same time, it's too hard to even chew. This keeps you sucking on it, but to me, I rather it not be gummy at all.

Next year, Pine Bros will be having a new Lemon-Citrus flavor and during the holiday season, for a limited time they have licorice flavor.  Pine Bros is available nationwide at CVS Pharmacies and other local drug and food stores, with a retail value of $3.49 for a bag of 32 throat drops.They also come in pucks. ---^

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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