DIY Captain America Shield

I've seen this throughout the internet and wanted to give it a shot.... 
A DIY Captain America's shield, made from a Frisbee!! so much fun.

I started with my supplies:

A Frisbee
Hot Glue
Star Stencil
Cardboard pieces

I first cut a circle, the size of the Frisbee out in red felt. Next, a smaller white circle.  Then the red again, and last, I cut the smallest, a blue circle. I hot glued these all in their right places and hot glued it onto the Frisbee. I was origionally going to use the wooden star -painted white- as the middle star, but lil man wanted to use that on a shirt, so I just cut a star from the white felt and glued it on. On the back of the Frisbee, I glued on a cardboard handle that was wrapped with red felt for comfort, and glued white triangles over the edges.

Came out pretty darn cute! My son just loves it. He wanted a Captain America suit but since they're way more then I feel like paying for right now, I let my son make his own Captain America t-shirt :) Builds the creativity this way :)

He began with a white t-shirt and added a big blue square of felt down with the added white and red felts. I did all the hot gluing of course. And He decided where everything would go. He had a lot of fun doing this!

He needed a mask to complete the "costume" So I made a blue felt mask with the letter "A" between the eyes. Then I added on a white strip to hold in place on the head, and topped it off with white wings :) So cute.

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