Free Glasses from Firmoo! has a really great promotion going on where you get your first pair of glasses FREE!!! All you do is pay shipping and handling. Which is $6.95 So super cheap!

They have many different styles of glasses to choose from and you can upload a photo of yourself to virtually try on glasses to see how you might like them, before ordering. Firmoo has all kinds of glasses for reading, sun, near, far, even non prescription glasses!

I got Firmoo's, Unisex full frame acetate glasses and they sent the glasses in a nice case, with a cloth and a drawstring bag, as well as a mini key chain screwdriver.

 I love these glasses. My original glasses, purchased from a local eye store, were way more expensive then these, and not nearly as comfy. I wanted to get a new style of glasses without the nose pads so these were a great choice. I feel they look a little funny on me though because my original's are rimless :) But these are the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn.

Thank you Firmoo for an amazing experience!


  1. Hello, we want to work with you to promote our products: Jupitoo Glasses

    How can I contact you?

    1. Please email me at Thank you!


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