MorningStar Veggie *Chik* Burger Review

How many readers here are Vegetarians? And how many are on the opposite spectrum and love anything meat? I find myself right in between. Although some days I'll really crave meat, and others I rather just eat a salad. The new fad going on this year is "Meatless Mondays" cutting out meat every Monday. Not only is this said to be healthier for you, but also another way to save you a little cash, in buying less meat! But what if you're a severe carnivore and feel like you absolutely need meat in your day to day routine? That's where MorningStar Veggie Burgers come in.

MorningStar makes a wide variety for meat substitutions in burger patties, chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, bacon, sausage, the options are nearly endless! They even have meal starters to make preparing meals that much easier! You can eat with MorningStar for any meal of the day and they have a great list of recipes for any food palette.

As a member of Bzzagent, I learned about MorningStar and received a free coupon to try them out! Plus $1 off coupons to use and share. I can't believe I forgot to use my coupon when I purchased these though!! lol.The first time I tried MorningStar, I purchased their Chik Patties Original. These are made with 64% less fat then that of a real chicken patty, only 140 calories per serving and they are cholesterol free. To make mine, I first microwaved the frozen patty just to see how it would turn out. I wanted it to be a little crispy so I cooked it in the oven for a few minutes. When done cooking, I placed the patty on an EatingRight Whole Wheat Sandwich Slender with some melted cheese and ketchup. I was surprised at how much these veggie patties tasted like real chicken! They had the texture of chicken but it was slightly more stringy, not really that noticeable, but I assume from the veggies. I ate half of the sandwich just fine, but it started getting gummy tasting to me. I would much more prefer a real chicken sandwich lol. But if you're serious about going meatless, I think MorningStar would be an ideal switch. I hope to be trying other products from MorningStar soon, and will blog as I do! :)

               Here is my MorningStar Veggie Chik Burger:

 You can find MorningStar on their website and Facebook.

 This post is sponsored by Bzzagent in providing me coupons to purchase products to test and review. Although I completely forgot to use my coupons, I will still give them the credit:) As I will be using the coupons soon! All opinions are my own.

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