Dry Idea Advanced Dry Deodorant

Dry Idea AdvancedDry in the Fresh scent, is a hypoallergenic antiperspirant and deodorant. It is made with Vitamin E, formulated to keep you feeling clean and fresh, as well as Pulse Activated Wetness protection that guarantees to "Never Let Them See You Sweat" and will keep the odor away for 72 hours!
I love the smell of Dry Idea's Fresh Deodorant. It smells just as it is, fresh and clean. I applied mine in the morning and about 10hours later, I noticed my armpits started to get sticky, much like I wasn't wearing any deodorant. I could still smell the DryIdea Deodorant but it was a very faint smell, which makes me wonder if the 72 hour odor protection is really true. I don't go a day without a shower so I could never fully test those 72 straight hours lol, but I'm a little worried the scent wouldn't last. I didn't do anything too strenuous that day... just a short walk and a 15 minute workout, but I didn't expect the deodorant feeling to fade. I want to assume it's only because the deodorant itself is more of a gel like texture and I'm use to solid, so it was a different experience. I still love it though! And Dry Idea never let a stinky smell come through so it gets the job done right :)

Above you can see the roll-on top of deodorant and to the right, how it glides clearly (my arm for example) on the skin.

DryIdea Advanced Dry Deodorant comes in aerosol spray, clear gel, solid and roll on-which is the one I tried. They come in 3 different scents: Fresh, Unscented, and Powder Fresh.

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This post is made possible by Purex, for allowing me to be an Insider and providing me with the supplies to test and review. 


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