MorningStar Corn-Dog Review!

Another MorningStar Farms review for you! This time I tried out their corn dogs!

If you remember before, I posted about MorningStar Farms chik patties... MorningStar Farms makes all kinds of veggie foods to substitute for your meat. Whether you are a full on vegetarian, want a different kind of meal, or choose to do Meatless Mondays, MorningStar Farms can be a great addition to your meals! I love that they have so many choices and can't wait to try them all. I chose corn dogs this time around, because my son loves corn dogs so I figured, if these taste good, they would be a great substitute for real corn dogs, since MorningStar's are healthier.

We microwaved the corn dogs, but you could cook them in the oven if you want. Just depends on what texture you want, really. I microwaved 2 at a time, for about 2 1/2 minutes and they left my kitchen smelling so good! That was shocking part #1. The second part would be passing my sons "taste test" lol. He took his first bite and said "mmm..delicious!!!" Another Win!!! So I had to try it for myself, of course. And I agree, MorningStar Farms corn dogs really are delicious! They even taste better then the real, meat ones! It's kind of a bummer that they only sell 4 corn dogs to a pack, and their smaller then the usual, but the taste and health benefits make up for it. The only problem I ran across, is that if you microwave them and let it sit in the microwave for a few minutes after cooked, (like I did, getting distracted and forgot lol) then they tend to be a little gummy and harder to chew. Other then that, these are great! Definitely have my recommendation.

You can find MorningStar on their website and Facebook.

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