No More Boiling Eggs!!!

If you were wanting boiled eggs, did you know you could bake your eggs in the oven, instead of boil them in water?? I didn't know this until recently and it seems to be the big thing flying around right now! lol I gave it a shot and am so glad I did. It's way easier, for me anyway, because I always seemed to under or over boil eggs when I did the traditional stove top. Plus it leaves your home smelling like muffins...until you open the oven door that is ;)

  All you do is set the oven to 325 degrees and bake the eggs for 30 minutes. You can either set them in a muffin tin, or cook them right on the oven rack. I find the muffin tin to be much easier, so you don't have to pull each egg out one by one. They end up with a brown spot on one side, and brown polka dots. Don't be alarmed, it's just from them cooking. Baking your eggs is said to give them a better taste and texture, as well as easier peeling! I used one to make me an egg salad sandwich today and it did seem to peel better. The taste wasn't much different but still pretty cool.

Simply Easy way to make boiled eggs, ready to decorate for Easter!


  1. I did this today and I added a trick I found elsewhere- poke a hole in one end with a push pin. They were so easy to peel, the peels slid right off with ease. I made deviled eggs for easter in record time today.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I will have to try that next time!


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