April Fool's Day Fun

Yesterday was April Fools Day and I had a whole list (check out my pin board!) of fun ideas planned for the day! Sadly I didn't get to them all but I did do some of them so I thought I'd share :)

I started the morning out with breakfast for my son. I wanted to do something super fun like
 frozen cereal or a miniature meal but I didn't prepare soon enough. The night before, he was asking if he could have pop-tarts for breakfast, so I gave him an empty pop-tart bag hehe.. 
and I mixed in some chocolate chips with his raisins. He thought it was so funny!

For my hubby, I did the ol' cover the mouse laser trick.
He's a techy guy so it didn't take him long to figure it out lol.

For my sons lunch, I just did one thing. I emptied and washed a snack size Cheetos bag and loaded it with mini carrots :) (then gave him some Cheetos with it all, when he realized they were only carrots.) He enjoyed this as well!

Some other plans I had, was to make the meatloaf & mashed potato cupcakes for dinner but we got home late so I didn't have time to make those. I also wanted to make Brown E's, and "brownie turds" haha. I would use my microwave brownie recipe to make the brownies to prepare into "turds" late on, and the smell of actually making brownies would have made him ask for a brownie so I would say "sure! they're on the counter!" and he'd pull the tin foil back and find brown letter E's. I decided he was already too hyper from 2 donut holes the baker gave him earlier, that he didn't need brownies to add on to it, so I will have to save this for next year! Or maybe I will just do it on some random day because I waited a whole year for these April Fool's tricks and I'm not sure I can wait another year! haha!

Did you do any fun tricks on any one for April Fools Day? 
Please share! :)

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