Beatrice Munson Book Review

Beatrice Munson is written by Lorena Bathey, about a neighborhood in Vista Heights where everyone was always the same ol' bore, stuck in their routines and non exiting lives.  The main character is built on a woman named Marissa Lyons who finds that an old classmate from high school, who she disliked for dating the guy she was in love with, moves across the street. She worries she will have to relive the memories of high school when her new neighbor, Beatrice Munson, moves in. But it was just the opposite of that. Beatrice brings lots of love and hope to the neighborhood, bringing everyone together and brightening their worlds.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beatrice Munson! I do have to say, from first impressions, I think it could have been given a better title, but the title doesn't even matter after you read such a good story! It was as if I was watching a chick flick movie, filled with drama, love and happiness. I loved the closeness in the neighborhood, that brought everyone together and that their tight knit friendships made them always their for one another. Each of the women in the neighborhood all realized they got into the flow of life and forgot about themselves. The didn't take chances to stop and smell the roses or feel alive. Beatrice became the angel in their lives, helping them see life differently and embrace their inner self.

One thing I didn't like was between Chapter 13 and Chapter 14, I felt the author jumped ahead in time as if she needed to shorten her book...I just wish there was more emphasis on the time between, because I loved reading it so much! :) You can definitely tell the book was written by a woman based on the characters lol..The romanticism was breathtaking. I loved the celebration of life, family, friendships and total togetherness. How everyone worked together, forming their lives around one another. There were times I was brought to tears while reading. Some very touching parts.

I felt I could relate with Marissa in ways of not being able to trust. Some of the things I read were also things I myself needed to hear. I will share a few quotes from the book:

"But don't push happiness away because you're scared that it actually might end up hurting you. The beauty of loving is that you have to take chances to find real love. It is the critical component of love and loving. You have to take a leap of faith that it will work. It's the perfect example of hope."

 "it's the way we respond to such gifts that is up to us. We decide if our past hurts and pains are going to overshadow what is occurring right this moment." 

I love those. These quotes are pieces of the book I will hold on to and cherish.

Another great book I definitely recommend it to all the women out there! Some men might like it too! :)

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