Dissapointed Stickerhub Review

First off, I want to say I'm highly disappointed with Stickerhub. On December 5, 2012 Stickerhub wrote me saying I would get to review their stickers and I could design my own. This is their exact message they wrote me:

"Thank you so much for being interested in our product! Almost 400 People applied for the review and we want to hear from YOU! We choose about 100 people so we are going to get things out as fast as we can but we are going to need your help! What we need from you is the product you want to review :)" Then they went on with how to make your sticker and ended their message with "Once you have been selected we will email you requesting your reference numbers :) Happy Reviewing :) " So I was all excited and went off to make my sticker. On December 17, 2012, they wrote "Please respond back with your reference number at your earliest convenience. We need your reference number before we are able to print your stickers. Thank you"

So I did just that. I responded with my reference number. Weeks went by and they hadn't said anything nor had I received my stickers. I emailed them and they gave me no response. I continued to email them over the next few months and they still, to this day, have not replied or sent me my stickers. I noticed quite a few people on tomoson had the same complaints with Stickerhub. VERY Disappointing. I had my post all written up and ready, except for my review which was going to come once I received the stickers.. Since that never happened... I decided to go ahead and post what I had, instead of sitting on it. Just know that Stickerhub is not a company I recommend working with. They do not seem reliable or trustworthy.

Stickerhub is a site that allows you to design your own stickers in any way you want! You can make stickers, decals, window clings, wall decals, removable wall graphics, die cut stickers, posters, floor graphics, vehicle wraps and more. The stickers can come in 5 different material types: Gloss Vinyl, Matte Vinyl, Repositionable Wall Fabric, Repositionable Wall Vinyl, and Heat Transfer for garments. You can order any amount of stickers you like, with different shapes and sizes to choose from, clip art and fonts you can add in, or even customize it with your very own uploaded picture.

I will be honest...when I was designing my sticker on Stickerhub, I was getting very annoyed! I was using the website in Firefox and the site crashed five different times!! All while I was creating my sticker. It made me so mad because it didn't save the sticker so I had to start it all over each time. By the fifth time, I was so frustrated I wanted to quit, but my husband said "Why not try it in Google Chrome?" So we did and it finally worked without crashing. The site itself, I feel, could use some updates. It was easy to maneuver through, and I loved all the thousands of clip art you can view, but some of the items were confusing and didn't seem to always work. For instance, rotating certain items wouldn't work, or if you wanted to change the image colors, it would change the entire image into a solid block of color so you couldn't even tell what the image was. Other then the issues I faced, the sticker came out to be pretty cool. I originally wanted to make a custom 'TemporaryWaffle' sticker for my giveaways but after searching through Stickerhubs thousands of clip art, I couldn't find clipart that I wanted and I didn't feel like designing my own so I decided to give the sticker chance to my hubby :) I designed the sticker for his live stream on twitch.tv It's humorous and representative to him and his personality.

* The stickers would have been fun to receive. Too bad.

I never received the products mentioned above using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. And Stickerhub is NOT something I would recommend.

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