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I'm proud to admit I have read a total of 5 books in just this month!!! That's huge for me.. I love to read but I don't always have the time to... Until recently, I've been having free time in the mornings, twice a week, finding myself in a cafe, book in hand, and sipping on some specialty drink. I've had a lot of great reads, but the two that have been my favorite this month are "Bread & Wine" and "Beatrice Munson".

   In the past, my book reading consisted of mostly "self help" type books, or inspirational ones... much like Joyce Meyer's books, or uplifting life connections. But lately, I've branched out and I've been finding I enjoy fictional novels. I love the feel of wanting to keep on reading, because you spend so much time in the book that it becomes a part of you. The characters are brought to life in your own imagination and eventually you begin to see those characters in real life; The similarities in people around you that seem to fit the descriptions in the book. I love it.

   Right now I'm in the process of reading "Change Your Words Change Your Life" by Joyce Meyer ... a book I picked up from the library because I was just aching for a new read, and didn't have a lot of time to search through the books so I settled. And then a new book came in the mail to review... "House on Plunkett Street" by Lorena Bathey, the same author who wrote Beatrice Munson! So I'm happy to read that soon :)

   Reading books is great for the soul. Since I've been reading so much, it's peaked my sons interest to work harder on his reading, so he too, can read the big story books. It's a great motivation.

Are you reading any great books right now? 
{Recommendations welcome! :) }

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