belVita Breakfast Biscuit in Blueberry Review

I picked up a box of belVita Breakfast Biscuit's in Blueberry flavor, at our local Grocery Outlet for only $1.99!! A great score because they regularly retail for $3.69...I wish I still had some @Influenster belVita coupons, I could have gotten it for super cheap! But that's ok, $1.99 is a steal and these Blueberry ones are DELICIOUS! I think I might even like them better then the Cinnamon Brown Sugar ones!

  Blueberry belVita breakfast biscuits contain 18g of whole oats. 3g of fiber, 8g of total fat per serving which is 1 pack (4 biscuit crackers), B vitamins and blueberry's. belVita does not contain high fructose corn syrup It's packed with nutrition to sustain your energy all morning.

   I ate me a pack this morning for breakfast, along with a coffee (which I never usually drink but needed a kick for today) and It tasted pretty darn good :)

belVita comes in 5 different flavors:  
And can be found in several grocery stores at the retail price of $3.69 for a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits.

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